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Jan 2, 2014 8:00pm EST
ahead to the 2014 midterm elections. after that, the first lady lady's encore continues with a look at the life and career of eddie ford. later, supreme court oral argument on the state's responsibility to control air pollution beyond its own borders. houseate and several seats will be decided. charlie cook of the cook political report highlighted the upcoming 2014 midterm elections and he spoken washington, d.c. >> good morning. welcome to the campaign institute. i'm candy nelson, the academic director. this is the 35th year that we have existed. we started as a bipartisan training institute. the first speaker today is charlie cook, editor and writer for the cook political report. charlie is a political analyst for washington journal. -- national journal. he has always been very generous of his time and will start us off by talking about the political environment going into 2014. charles cook. [applause] [applause] thank you, candy. first of all i want to compliment all of you for your decision to participate in cmi because hardly a month goes by that i don't run into somebody somewhe
Jan 5, 2014 9:25pm EST
charlie cook talks about the upcoming 2014 midterm elections. at 11:00 p.m. "q&a" with economist marty sullivan. and later another chance to see u.s. capitol dome tour highlighting what will be repaired in a two-year restoration project. >> 435 house seats and 35 senate eats will be decided in the upcoming 2014 midterm election. next political analyst charlie cook political report talks about what he expects to see from both political parties leading up to election. this is an hour and 30 minutes. >> good morning. elcome to the campaign management institute at american university. being a nelson the tkpl -- academic director of c.m.i. this is our 35th year. we started as a bipartisan have beennstitute and going strong ever since. our first speaker today is charlie cook. editor and he publisher of the cook political report which he founded 30 years ago? >> 30 years ago in april. political is also a analyst for national journal and regular election night it cnn, cbs and nbc and always been generous with time with c.m.i. and will start us off by talking about the general political 2014.nm
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 5:00am EST
closed and we'll have to wait to see what the turnout figure is when the election commission roshth the outcome of course also snoarch in advance. the violence not efnl omonths of buildup to this election but years and decades of deadlock between two virtual rivals, her rival the opposition leader halad azir under virtual arrest. >>> the prime minister has determined undeterred. in her view they are the troublemakers while she upholds her country's interests. but with the main opposition leader unvirtual house arrest and hundreds of activists in jail, it is hard to see this as a contest. protests continue. have is two hours north we found lawyers and activists representing the opposition bangladesh opposition party, before disappearing behind the courthouse gates. here they say they are safe from arrest. most say they face trumped up charges brought by government prosecutors to keep them quiet. and further into the country side, we arrive at the only seat in the area where a vote will take place on sunday. the opposition boycott means the moonchmajority will pass. >> there are other par
Jan 3, 2014 5:00am EST
elections. talks aboute cook what he expects in the coming months leading up to the elections. he spoke at american university's campaign management institute. >> good morning. welcome to the campaign management institute. i am candy nelson. i am the academic director. this is the 35th year that we have existed. we started as a bipartisan training institute. everve been going strong since. our first speaker today is charlie cook. he is the editor and publisher of the cook a lyrical report which he founded -- cook political report which he founded 30 years ago. analystso a political and a regular contributor to cnn, cbs, and abc. he is always very generous with his time. he will start us off by talking about the general political environment going into 2014. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. first of all, i want to complement all of you on your decision to participate in cmi. hardly a month goes by that i don't run into somebody somewhere that didn't say i first heard you at the american university campaign management institute. i have been doing this for a really long time. i remember
Jan 2, 2014 4:00pm EST
hammered in the second term midterm election with enormous losses in either the house or the senate or usually both. the one exception, the one out of six that that did not happen was back in 1998. though clinton second midterm election when there was a backlash against the republican in peach mint of clinton in the house in trying him in the senate where the american people, they were not really happy with president clinton but thought the country was doing ok and did not want to throw him out, even though they did not necessarily approve of his behavior. -- aere was a clash backlash against republicans. why does this tend to happen in second terms? think about when a brand-new president is elected and you are young enough to remember in 2009 , whether you were democrat or republican, liberal, moderate, conservative, there was a real curiosity -- how this new president is going to do -- and howxcitement, passion, is this guy going to do? y people wanted the country to do well after tough times, and that is fairly typical when a new president is elected. but over time, the novelty wear
Jan 2, 2014 10:30pm EST
thresholds. and the thresholds that with elected were for nox, $500 per ton. the group one states were at a level of $2,300 per ton. the group two states were $500 per ton and the idea was let's see what emissions savings we could achieve, additional control measures could be implemented. >> those savings would not be evenly distributed among the upwind states, right? so some upwind states that were able to make those efficient changes will be carrying more than their burden of reducing the emissions that affect downwind states, right? >> they were two bay cease for distinguishing among the states. the first in terms of the $500 per ton threshold forer the group to threshold states vs. three threshold. they were required to make greater pollution control efforts because they had some responsibility for the most serious problems. now, the point of your request would go to the fact that even among the states that were operating under constant cost control thresholds, of the states that had already implements cost measures up to that limit might have to do less in a sense because it would
Jan 4, 2014 10:00am EST
for the 2016 election. this is part of the state of the parties conference. it runs just under two hours. >> we have four papers to be presented. we hope you will have great interest in what they present. more than anything else, we hope you will have great questions because this group of individuals have not only studied what has been, but are giving us perspective of what is to come. i think you'll find their perspectives very interesting. about party a paper power and the causal effects of endorsements. seth is at the university of denver and eric is at the public posse institute of california. i will shut up and let them talk. what's we're here presenting this on behalf of our other co- authors. we are trying to come up with a measurement of the impact of a party endorsement in a primary, which is traditionally a tricky thing to measure. study toing a fun case do this. this is the state of california which just employed a new top two system of electing candidates to office as of last year. every candidate of any party can participate starting in the june primary. all voters see
Jan 2, 2014 10:00am EST
taking place as well. and then the final reason is think about the last, say, four elections. in 2008 you remember the iraq war had gotten, you know, it was getting really pretty ugly. president bush's numbers were, gosh, at one point he got down to like 30, 28%, something like that. so that 2008 you had a really, really ugly election for republicans. and then 2010 it got even worse. i'm sorry, 2008 -- no, i'm sorry. 2008 had a ugly election for republicans, and so a lot of republicans that are sitting in competitive districts or districts that maybe a democrat ought to have, they got washed out, they got washed out back in 2008 just as they did in 2006. so you had back-to-back ugly elections for republicans, the sort of win knowed out a lot of -- winnowed out a lot of competitive districts. then in 2010 the way it went, it was a fabulous year for republicans, and it kind of washed out to sea a lot of democratics that were sitting in districts that ought to be republican. so coming out of those in 2008, you know, it was a decent election for the democrats. it wasn't a wave, but it was
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 3:00am EST
check >> at least six people die as soon as polls open in bangladeshi's controversial election. [ music ♪ ] >> you're watching al jazeera. also on the program - iraq's government fights for control of anbar province. the latest from fallujah. >> south sudan's warring factions meet for negotiations in neighbouring ethiopia. and all aboard the gravy train. we meet the drivers making a small fortune in australia's mining industry. >> well the polls opened in bangladesh just a few hours ago. there has been violence. at least six people have been killed including an opposition leader. in the run up to the vote it has been marred by controversy and killings. polling stations have been burnt down more than 100 died. security is diet. voter turn out is expected to be low. we'll be live in the capital dakar in a moment. first, a look at what's at stake. there are 300 parliamentary seats to fill. more than half of those are not contested. that's because the opposition bangladesh national party and 17 of its smaller allies are boycotting the elections. that means the ruling awami le
Jan 5, 2014 11:30pm PST
on army led by shia casino is to finance my dream but the credibility of the election we come under the shadow. ntini people in violence has been to me just tell. out on the go the clashes across the country between secure dimarco. when on the ninth and business activity the bnp and tomorrow. god does deep domain the appeal and kiosks across the country so that be good to not come out too cold to go to such a meeting she did dominant since the bnp and its reliance on his head was bowed to the roots international observers to be sure to go to the police because they feel in interaction with the mecha opposition is mounting. it is not reflective of the week of the heap. could it be to not just like when the opinion of interaction so blessed each appearance. i mean it but what of an open boat that we see. i mean this edition of them are made on the board did get to know to what daddy said they did bishop ca score their mothers and children for them ok ish ought to be that good a bit of a lab rat saatchi and wanted done and what they need the double booking the dish and allow mother too
Jan 1, 2014 3:45pm EST
have been restored with the re-election of president obama last year. and here's why. because that election, between mitt romney and barack obama presented two very distinct and clear paths, down which americans could choose to go. the path of the republicans and the tea party extremists who really thought the solution to our nation's budgetary problems was, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and cutting spending. and we watched that movie before and we saw the ending and didn't like it. and barack obama and democrats in congresses past, take a balanced approach to deficit reduction. make some difficult choices in spending reductions but don't cut the heart out of our future likesp education and health care research that really would make us less competitive and also make sure that you ask people who can afford to pay a little bit more by closing tax look holes that people really have no benefit problem. ending tax cuts which we did in january with when we allowed people who make less than $450,000 ah year for their tax cuts to continue who made more for those tax cuts to expire. so we
Jan 7, 2014 2:00pm PST
have two communications. the first is from the director of the department of elections, mr. john arnst certifying the vote and results of each of the races shown in the sum have i report of the municipal election of november 6, 2013 to be true and correct. specifically, calling attention at another time contest for member of the board of supervisors representing district 4, that katy tang won the most number of choice -- first choice votes cast for that seat. >> congratulations, supervisor tang. [cheering and applauding] >> and, madam clerk, if you could read the second communication? >> yes, a communication was received january 2nd from the controller, mr. ben rosenfield, submitting a certification of surety bond for the newly elected supervisor katy tang therefore meeting the requirements necessary. >> thank you, madam clerk. congratulations again, supervisor tang, on your achievement of being elected district 4 supervisor. madam clerk could you please call the next item? >> the first item of business will be the oath of office to the newly elected member of the board of superv
Jan 6, 2014 6:30pm PST
. proving that if they could amount to which on sunday during the national elections. but dad said he wanted to rent it out towards some two hundred and forty booths with ellis and dozens of police stations was back on food aid on sunday. the l on the government i get to it causes of security chief was sent to command lines and were trained to be a shame but the open decks to the victim's back. ms king said my precious daughter of a citizen's guide activity not unlike what about that either she would mind what i am unable to hide again the election commission said lee tactics and were told through the skin. call it a decent percentage of and what does it cost about it in the pvc epstein getting a sweeping mandate she could see nine and along the aisle in yesterday's election time and station casinos of mommy has secured two for the joint eu by the need to hunt and twenty nine seats up to me turning twenty seven but on a post. the jockey applied to knit by former president mohammed a shot. it's made an mp to txu seen one or two seats. the new government is expected to follow and makes week. t
Jan 3, 2014 7:30pm PST
compromise or is it back to politics as usual in a midterm election year? i'm john harwood in for gwen ifill. we'll explore those questions tonight on "washington week." more than anyone else in washington, the president hopes the new year will be better than the lousy old one. >> i firmly believe that 2014 can be a breakthrough year for america. >> there's some optimism in congress too. >> i think the pendulum is starting to swing back towards the center. john: one early test will be whether congress can raise the debt ceiling without a congress. >> i doubt if the house or for that matter the senate is willing to give the president a clean debt ceiling increase. >> the debt ceiling is raised simply to pay bills that we have already accrued. the responsibility of congress is part of doing their job. john: lawmakers from both participants face the ballot in november. >> the president won't be on the ballot but his allies will be. john: republicans square off against each other. >> we all know if we took on the washington establishment, the establishment would fight back and it's going t
Jan 3, 2014 1:00am EST
incumbent for your side. and there was a famous election, it was bush -- 1990. george h.w. bush, his midterm election. and ed rollins who had managed one of president reagan's campaigns had top staff job at the national republican congressional committee. and he wrote a memo that went out to all the republican house members saying, um, you know, effectively, you know, we all love president bush and he's a great guy and all like that, but your most important job right now is to get reelected and do whatever you need to do to get reelected, and feel prix to put distance -- free to put distance between yourself and the president. not surprisingly, the white house went crazy. and i'm trying to remember whether ed had to resign or not. do you remember if he did or not? i remember they were calling for his resignation. i don't remember whether he actually did or not. but anyway, you know, so that's what -- it's creating distance but not trashing is generally the best thing. yeah, go ahead. >> [inaudible] about how democrats can distance themselves from obama, but for some of the races
Jan 2, 2014 10:00am PST
last december. the new administrative center is the legacy of an election pledge by the late president would run in the early two thousand and eight is to diminish the focus on the nation's capital and achieve balanced regional development. i mean. at the nation's top off as president i can hand has no plans right now three shuffled her cabinet during an emergency news conference on thursday presidential chief of staff kinky choon refuted looming speculation that the president could replace some underperforming ministers in her second year in office and added that now is an important time to focus on running state affairs the presidential office reportedly called the press are out of concern that the speculation would create distractions that government ministries at the start of the new year. political watchers however take note of tins of word choice in the press conference as he said there were no plans right now for a reshuffle possibly leaving the door open for one down the line after heavy political wrangling over the past character of rice to buy the two thousand thirty national
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 2:00am EST
. general elections are scheduled for april. the political parties are looking to get themselves in the best position they can, forcing nouri al-maliki to take the blame for the worst conscious in iraq, a fact unscored by the car bombs ripping through the country. >> secretary of state john kerry says the obama administration is concerned about the return of al qaeda to anbar. it was an area that saw fierce fighting ever u.s. entered iraq in 2003. here is some more context. a year ago sunni tribes protested in anbar, demanding the release of detainees. the prime minister tried to respond with reforms, but members of sunni and political parties blocked the move. the al qaeda-led group was formed. playing on fears of domination, support for the movement, and last week the i.s.i.l. fighters defeated a faction of the iraqi army, nouri al-maliki sent soldiers to anmar to break up the protest, triggering the latest fighting. >> that same al qaeda group is not only operating in iraq, but syria. the i.s.i.l. fighters killed at least 50 rival rebels. zeina khodr reports from lebanon where th
Dec 30, 2013 12:00pm EST
the general election. in that scenario, what you see is a lot more division among the parties -- at least in the invisible primary. and what i note here, if we look at the democratic races come a great deal of their competitive races have occurred when the candidate is leading a national poll three years before the election. doesn't run. in kennedy in 1972 and again 1976. three years before those candidates -- the selections, he did not run. gary hart ran but dropped out in june or 1987. hillary clinton did not run in 2004. each of those democratic years wound of the more competitive. we see a whole lot less agreement among party insiders. the endorsement data for these elections, there's a lot less consensus among democrats. they're dividing their support among different candidates. also importantly, much more the democratic party establishment sits out. they don't make an endorsement at all. i think we see that in the republican side of it in 2008 and 2012. the republicans in those years, mitt romney, for example, was one of the consensus pick of the establishment but very little
Jan 5, 2014 10:00pm EST
these stocks take a breather. about the election year. what is your indian view? has been all over the place. what about equities? they are not going to be fixed because of the political machinations. is running to a record high but has stabilized to a more manageable level per month, which gets balanced, so the currency is stable. once the currency is stable we don't care what is happening. you see whatever the public opinions are. a credible opportunity for the leading opposition party to come make a difference. be in quality companies like exporters. like itts seem to better than congress, but it is not looking that clear-cut this election. come asmergence has something which can impact. markets are also taking a breather. clearections are far from at this point. one must understand if you take a long-term view, it raises the political parties. that is what you want in an emerging market. you want party of governance. you want in best rents -- investment, and hopefully that should lead to good gdp for investors. >> stick around. >> coming up china rolls out more measures to tack
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 3:00am EST
election with virtually no opposition. the bangladesh government is set to win by a landslide. >> talks to end south sudan's power struggle stall as the sudanese president prepares to visit. >> the coldest temperatures in two decades. forecasters say a life-threatening freeze will hit the north and central u.s. >> hundreds of people are fleeing ramadi and fallujah, following days of violence. the islamic state of iraq and levant has taken over part of two key cities in anbar province. the military is preparing to retake fallujah. many people have abandoned their homes and are heading towards another area that is stable. >> united states supports iraq's fight against al qaeda, but will not send troops back. i will not go into the details, except to say we are in contact with tribal leaders from anbar province, and we know they are showing great coverage as they reject terrorist groups from their cities. >> and this is a fight that belongs the iraqis. that is what the president and the world decided some time ago when we left iraq. >> so we are not obviously contemplating returning or put
Jan 2, 2014 8:00am EST
opposition leaders elected who would have had no chance otherwise. this technology is very empowering, and it remains so. but at the same time, governments are doing everything they can to use their power over the commercial networks that are within their jurisdictions to fight back. these photos are from state security headquarters outside of cairo. in 2011, soon after the mubarak government fell, some activists got into the headquarters. some of the agents had threed to. >> -- tried to shred some documents, left them behind. people were posting this on twitter. there were rooms and rooms of files that were left intact. some people got in there, found their own files. what did they find? cell phone text message transcripts, skype conversation logs that they thought had been secure, informs about data they had been uploading and downloading from the internet all covered by their internet service providers and cell phone networks. use of the technology the egyptian government had bought from a company whose technology was also used by the nsa in that at&t facility. we later found out from anot
Jan 2, 2014 2:00pm EST
be right than first. i certainly agree with that. talk about election night in 2012 when ohio was up for grabs. everyone was clamoring to be the first one to declare president obama reelected. your team in new york at the election center was monitoring the results coming in from ohio. >> we had to challenges. right around 7:00 p.m., we suffered a massive power outage at our studio. our entire team was literally sitting in the dark for 20 minutes. there were no lights. it was because we had plugged in some heaters from the outside to keep some of our team warm in times square and they had been stuck into a wall. some had plugged in some heaters and blew out the entire system. the electrical team ran from the basement in times where up to the cable to plug us back in to keep us on the air. this is our network. [laughter] >> david knows the story. the second thing that happened that night was that we know what happened in a previous presidential election when major news organizations did not call the election correctly. we have said to our election team and our projection specialists do
Jan 5, 2014 7:00am PST
election year, to take up unemployment? >> i think it's based on the fact that there's been no mention of a pay -for here. i think this is something that is going to have to be addressed immediately. like everything else that you discussed in your introductions, this is happening now. these unemployment benefits within if they're going to be addressed, have to be addressed now. not in a month. you can't do an extension on them again, because people are being hurt immediately. i do think there's a potential that we're going to see some form of pay-for come in, and that there is the potential for a three-month extension. >> so even though it's not showing up as a priority agenda item, you actually think there will be movement on that. do you agree, dorian, that we'll see them take up unemployment insurance as a central issue? it does feel like, because it's happening now, because people saw income go out of their household, it's the sort of thing that would have political and electoral consequences. >> the president is going to keep it on the agenda, as the majority leader reid w
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 5:00am EST
out. 24 dead and an election with virtually no opposition, the bangladesh government wins by a landslide. going back to basics in india could make the country a global milk provider. ♪ thousands of people are fleeing the iraqi cities of fallujah after days of violence after the army faces resistance of tribesmen and al-qaeda linked fighters and they say they have taken over parts of key cities in the providence and it's preparing to retake fallujah and many people abandoned their homes and heading to a sea and majority area and seen as relatively safe. the united states says it supports iraq's fight against al-qaeda but not sending troops. >> we are in contact with tribal leaders from manbar providence and showing great courage in standing up against this as they reject terrorist groups from their cities. and this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis. that is exactly what the president and the world decided sometime ago when we left iraq and we are not contemplating returning and not contemplating putting boots on the ground because this is their fight all but we will help t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 11:00am EST
the criticism is simple general elections are scheduled for late april. all parties will look to get themselves into the best position they can and force prime minister malkey to take the blame for the worst security position in iraq since 2008 with car bombs ripping through the capitol in sunday. >>> fighting continues in the region of northern syria. for a third day, groups are engaged in clark with the islamic state in iraq and in lavont. the al-qaeda group is no longer welcomed t al jazeera america dana hoda has that story. >> syria's armed opposition is pushing forward with what seems to be a coordinated against the state in iraq and the lavont. the al-qaeda linked group is being pushed out of its basis. a war has been declared. by some rebel forces who believe isil hasn't been working for the interests of their revolution. the foreign fighters have created many states in many areas of the rebel-held north. imposing their own laws, which many in the opposition believe are brutal. >> isil for its part has threatened to withdraw it's fighters from the front lines. as attacks again
Jan 3, 2014 4:30pm EST
the election. so right now doesn't run. ted kennedy in 1972 and again in 1970s pics three years before the primaries he was the leading candidate. he didn't run. gary hart dropped out in 1997. mario cuomo didn't run in 1992. hillary clinton didn't run in 2004. and each of those democratic years wound up being more competitive. we see a whole lot less agreement among party insiders. i'm not showing it in this paper, but the endorsement data for these elections is a lot less consensus among democrats. they are dividing their support among different candidates, but also importantly much more of the democratic party establishment spits out. they don't make an endorsement at all. we see that in the republican side of it in 2008 and 2012. for republicans in those years mitt romney, for example, was the consensus pick of the establishment. very little of the establishment was in that year. they waited to the caucuses and primaries began. the parties decide among the candidates to run. they look at presidential nominations, which is an interactive process. sometimes the coalition really occurs
Al Jazeera America
Jan 3, 2014 3:00am EST
adding to the chaos to destabilize iraq before upcoming elections. they'll have to calm the situation in anbar before then, to show he has control of the country. >> the secretary of state started another day of talks with israeli and plip leaders -- palestine leaders, trying to reignite the process. john kerry met the foreign minister, and will meet benyamin netanyahu later. he'll travel to roou manneda to meet mahmoud abbas. al jazeera is demanding the release of three staff members held in custody. the company is condemning the rest of the journalist. the award-winning correspondent peter crest on the right, face further -- peter greste, on the right. face further questioning. they were aarrested with baher mohamed. egypt's prosecutor says they were arrested for joining a terrorist group and spreading lies. al jazeera says the allegations are fabricated. >> a u.n. official said rebel forces fighting to over throw the president is marching on juba. all nonessential staff are being evacuated on the city. this comes as peace negotiations begins. more on those developments as soon as w
Jan 6, 2014 6:00pm EST
4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. wife governor elect terry mcauliffe is talking about the plans for his camp. he is in the newsroom with the blueprint for the next four years. wife terry mcauliffe has been a numbers guy. -- >> terry mcauliffe has a numbers guy. of teahat is the number party members and the government that he does not want to write off but bring on board. along with anyone who can create jobs in virginia. >> i've been burning the phones up since election day. i call every ceo i know asking one question -- why is your operations not in virginia at how can we move them there? >> virginia's next governor loves to tout jobs but actually reaching across the aisle? that is a bit tougher. i promise from election day on that i would reach out to republicans. i did within the first two weeks of being elected. i have reached out to every single republican in the general assembly. but he will need consensus if he wants to change virginians' health care. we can provide health care for 400,000 virginians. paid for% paid for -- by the federal government. if it does not work. a lot of peopl
Jan 5, 2014 6:00am PST
back. >> he took on public unions and became the only governor in history to survive a recall election. wisconsin's scott walker is the first in our series on the republican party's search for itself. >>> plus, same-sex mar arrange and faith versus obama care, back at the supreme court. an explainer with court watcher joan business coupic. >>>, ready set, go, our panel ponderses the deciding issues in poll thinks year. 302 days until the midterms. >>> this is "state of the union". >>> good morning from washington, i'll candy crowley. >>> democrats on capitol hill have lost a full-court press for an extension of long-term unemployment benefits which expired last month. the senate takes up the measure tomorrow. the bill provides relief to the jobless for up to 73 weeks. it's not certain to pass but democrats are certain the politics of the issue favor their party this election year. joining me is the man leading the push to restore the emergency aid, a key economic adviser to the president, gene sperling. gene, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> let me -- let's start out
Jan 4, 2014 3:00am EST
elect women. the problem is that women are not running in the numbers we expect them to run in. the fact that i just said about one women run for office they fare as well as men, most women do not know that. of peoplehat 70% believe that there is bias against female candidates. acting not to run for office might be a rational response to a political environment that potential candidates perceived as biased. importantly, we have to disseminate the message that women are just as able to succeed. host: here is another chart. openness to potential jobs and professions by sex. is her college age men and women. open to political positions. three. higher on all then when you go to historically female careers. guest: we still have traditional sex segregation in terms of occupational preferences. that is especially interesting among a college sample. wheres a group of people we would think that we would see far more egalitarian is in. a lot of careers we do. ,areers like lawyer or doctor women and men are equally likely to think of that. when we think about the most traditional roles, we see
Jan 5, 2014 6:00pm EST
. we are going into an election year. the new health care law is really sort of finally kicking fully into gear. it looks like the new year will begin with fights over minimum wage and long-term unemployment. what are the issues you are going to be watching most closely? which do you think are going to matter the most? >> in november, obamacare will be the top issue. you basically have two parties. one who was trying to stop the bill from going forward, new -- knew socialized medicine was not going to work and tried to stop it. another party willing to do everything it could to make sure the bill went forward. when you see the implications, the implementation started in terms of job loss, full-time workers, temporary workers, premiums going up. it was gone the last couple of months in terms of the federal government not being able to implement a project of that magnitude. november will fundamentally be about this difference between one party, the party of woodrow wilson's progressivism and one of the more limited government. founders.ated by our >> the democrats are saying they will b
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm EST
criticism is simple. general elections are scheduled for late april. all the political parties will be looking to get themselves into the best position they can around forcing prime minister maliki into the situation? imran khan, al jazeera. >> at least 16 people have died in election related violence in bangladesh. despite pretty tight security heading into those polls. 300 parliamentary seats are up for grabs but the main opposition party is boycotting the vote leaving more than half of those seats now uncontested. more than 50,000 troops are deployed all around the country and the u.s. and eu refuse to send monitors, because the conditions are not set for full and fair elections. >>> all calm in the capital dhaka. >> to rm the constitution of bangladesh. >> the opposition once held an election like this themselves. this time they should have taken part for the sake of the country. >> reporter: outside the capital a quite different picture of polling stations looted and burning. and victims of political violence, hundreds of dead and thousands injured in the past yearful of them inno
Jan 4, 2014 2:30pm PST
polling booths have been set on fire in the latest violence ahead of the election in bangladesh. or than 100 people have been killed in the run-up to the people- more than 100 have been killed in the run-up to the polls, which the main opposition party is boycotting. >> the mood is tense in the bangladeshi capital, dhaka. the opposition says the election is a farce and has launched a strike in protest. scores of polling stations were set alight overnight. security is tight as preparations for sunday's elections continue. here to collect ballot boxes, ballot papers, and other accessories for the national election with the help of government officials and law enforcement. >> the protests began after the government refused to appoint a caretaker at ministration to --rsee the election caretaker administration to oversee the election. most of the candidates are from the governing league, leaving the election result a foregone conclusion. >> the government has created the current problem. they have taken advantage of their parliamentary majority to amend the constitution and get rid of th
Dec 31, 2013 10:00am EST
enough to affect the outcome of the election. he followed up and noted a former u.s. comptroller general might be that kind of candidate to ignite the radical center. so the lack of president walker aside, the day after the election, we now entered and obama re-alignment and it might not last beyond the next presidential election. what strikes us about the way these folks are thinking about american political parties is the expectation is for major dramatic change. people who are looking for that kind of change are going to be waiting a while. make threetry to empirical points. the first point is that self aretifying moderates actually in a lot of way polarized from each other. the second is that the parties are constrained in their abilities to make major advances toward voters. match the they do not preferences, it makes it difficult for the major parties to outflank each other and try to grab these voters. just focusing on your course of voters is not a strategy that is likely to make ever -- either party a viable majority. we begin with evidence from others that congressional
Jan 5, 2014 5:00pm PST
. 2014 is not going to be a happy year. why? let's look at the senate, let's just look at elections in the senate. the republicans need to take six seats to take harry reid's job away from him. in seven of the seats that democrats are in danger they are in states where mitt romney won the election. we've seen over the last 20 years correlation between volters in a state vote for republican president they're likely toe vote for republican senator. democrats have a tough year with the elections so harry reid begins a tough election year starting with tough words about republicans. >> schieffer: does the roll out of obamacare make it tougher for these democrats? i asked harry reid the question, he didn't really answer it. are they going to be run as proud sponsors of obamacare or run away from it. >> it does for a few reasons. just a distraction. every minute democrat is talking about obamacare it's not a minute they can talk about unemployment insurance, minimum wage or whatever else it is. that's just basic level democrats are on their heels a little bit. also, it rules up republican
Jan 5, 2014 6:30pm PST
the credibility of the election we come under the shadow. ntini people in violence has been to me just tell. out on the go the clashes across the country between secure dimarco. the only guy in business activity. the bnp and tomorrow. god does deep domain. do you feel and kiosks across the country so that be good to not come out to vote go to such a meeting she did dominant since the bnp and its reliance on his head was bowed to the roots. international observers to be sure to go to the police because they feel in interaction with the need to opposition is mounting. it is not reflective of the week of the heap. if it be to not just like when the opinion of interaction so blessed to ps i mean it but what of an open boat that we see. i mean this edition of them on the delta board did get to know to what daddy said they did they should just go to the mother is in total for the market in charge of the pet goat a bit of a lab rat saatchi and wanted done with what they need the double dvd this the mother took a nap the dishes top of the cabinet but did ask the bush then go to the petiti
Jan 7, 2014 8:00am EST
happen to have that for this one election cycle. but we like to get. were hoping to do just to get a sense -- i don't think they endorsed nearly as widely in previous races. they didn't see as much of an urgency but in some cases they did that and we're hoping to measure that. .. >> these are mostly state legislative races, a few congressional, but generally, you know, voters don't have a ton of familiarity with the people on that ballot. so i think for the voters it was actually a pretty typical election. there and you remind me what the other questions were? >> so the others were would you expect a similar effect in a higher visibility race, and would you expect the parties really to start weighing in this more often in primaries, primaries and higher level races such as for congress? >> so they, these endorsements were for congress as well. so we actually have a pretty broad distribution state assembly, state senate and congress. it's just a general mix. and so i would expect them to continue doing that. i think one of the key questions is how much primary competition will there b
Dec 30, 2013 12:00am EST
of the next few weeks. >> the system is broken. we are going to fix it. if we win that election in 2015, the next labor government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017. >> the first of what turned out to be a series of price rises by the gas and electricity companies came to winsett and lake behind the energy secretary answering questions in the commons. >> during the course of these questions, they have announced that they will increase gas prices by 8.4%. and electricity prices by 10.4%. this is a company that has passed on the highest share of its profits to its shareholders while making the least amount of investment. >> that is extremely disappointing news for british gas customers. british gas will need to justified the decision openly and transparently. >> week after week at prime minister's questions, the labor leader just kept talking about energy. >> the prime minister said there is a certain amount you can do, freezing energy prices, while the chancellor said in his conference speech, it was something out of "das kapital." is freezing energy pri
Dec 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
people to say, yes, i will re-elect governor brown because -- or no, i will vote for his opponent because, i'm not sure how much people get it on a voter level. >> there's no chance he gets re-election. the only thing that will stop him is health issues. california is one of the bluest states in the country. la teens no don't vo latinos don't vote republican, asians don't vote republican. right now the republican voter registration in california is 30%. democrats are 45%. they start with a 15-point head start. there's no way to lose as a democrat unless you royally screw it up and bring over a bunch of people to the other side. >> there are some issues, high-speed rail, some big infrastructure issues -- >> that's not enough to tank him. many of his big projects are in big trouble. the high speed rail thing is in trouble. the water plan, the best thing he can hope for is a drought next year. environmentalists hate it. prisons are a mess. it's not like he has an easy year next year, he has a tough time. but there's no issue there when we say we made california run again. we went fro
Jan 1, 2014 4:00pm PST
. and what we are trying to do is elected official whose travel are required, sorry. >> sorry to interrupt, the city attorney, and i want to make sure that we took the public comment on the last items? >> we did and there was no public comment. and seeing that there is only one member of the audience, i did not ask for additional public comment. >> thank you very much. >> so elected officials have to file and what the costs going to be and this is one of the requirements that we get a lot of questions about from the elected officials and the staffs and so we thought that if we would put the advice that we generally get them in the actual words and regulations it might make it easier to follow through these requirements. and so, the first discussion point is tracks the two changes that we just adopted and again, this one can be filed not only in person but either by e-mail, regular mail or fax. >> if the individuals contribute to the cost of the trip, we always tell the officials to file a single form for all of the donor and we just put that practice into writing and the third de
Jan 3, 2014 8:00pm EST
in an election year so both parties have gone into campaign mode and we will see that morrissey or the sun. >> you can find bob cusack's work at and on twitter at bob cusack. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. .. >> welcome to the event. i am jonathan yardley the book critic of the "washington post." the "washington post" has been a charter sponsor of the national book festival since the inception 13 years ago. they play an active role in many of the planning and promotion. i am instructed to remind you this presentation is being taped. and you should stay off the camera rises in the back of the pavilion. at the national book event, the final day of the one-day festival was a presentation by scott berg about this book about charles wilson. he is back now. he was promoting his book of maxwell perkins. we have had a great friendship every since. he is the author of many books and now this biography of woodrow wilson. he has placed great emphasis on a man whose personal life was interesting and important. scott? [ applause ] >> thank you very much for being here this aftern
Jan 3, 2014 7:00am EST
not have jeopardized our methodologies that we could correct ourselves and instead elected on this course of action which is basically treasonous. host: bill, what you think about "the new york times." editoria? they have no credibility. host: here's a little bit from yesterday's editorial -- those are a couple of the items in "the new york times." editorial. >> basically, we learned that our governments working in concert have created a system of worldwide mass surveillance, watching everything we do. george orwell warned us of the dangers of this type of information. the types of collection in the book, microphone or video cameras, tvs that watch us are nothing compared to what we have today. we have sensors in our pockets a track us everywhere we go. think about what this means for the privacy of the average person. will grow uptoday with no conception of privacy at all. they will never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves and unrecorded, an analyze thought. that is a problem because privacy matters. privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who
Jan 4, 2014 5:30pm PST
election in bangladesh. when one hundred people have been killin while up to the polls which the main opposition party is boycotting the elections legitimacy and down both the eu and united states have refused to send monitors the mood is tense in the bangladeshi capital dhaka the opposition says the election is the fox and has launched a two day strike in protest. scores of voting stations was set alight but even the likes. security is tight as preparations for sunday's election continues the song got his own cabinet but my tummy tickle a capella pokes and ballot papers and other accessories for the national elections. with the help of government officials and or impulses within our community the protests began off to the government refused to appoint a caretaker administration to pay to see the election. breaking with the tradition that is designed to prevent by treating. more than twenty opposition parties on our way causing the polls. that means most of the candidates off from the governing while bb bb the election result a foregone conclusion. ohh the government has created
Jan 2, 2014 1:15am EST
in the senate did not contradict his election as president but it was part of the pathway going to the final roll? >> i do think the senate. changed him and in some why developed him. i think he developed expertise in areas that he hadn't had before and he really did a deep dive on some complicated issues. it was almost like it rants graduate school for kennedy. i think he did use the senate years to learn more about issues and i think he also kind of formed a political identity in which he presented himself as both a kind of a modern new politician, you know a young candidate but also someone who is very familiar with american history and understanding traditions and was very steep in american history. so you know i think he put together a very powerful political presence that was a forest but i think it does raise raise -- one of the ironies of the american political system seems to me that the "times" that you are most electable may not be the "times" that you are most ready to be president. weather was going to be jfk aarp perhaps president obama or another four or six years in
Jan 5, 2014 11:50pm PST
elections come into our share in the piece went on to shoot some hanukkah is the right to elect a successor. but it will be an easy going in the country could fall as don't be mentioned on the back of the north nuggets. most important issue at this juncture the means to signing up by doctors security agreement on bbc. they decide to do with the united states be no guns down. politicians in the guys dun see the deep meanings is important to logan's on its future. we need water whilst said that the man to secure a second eamon has been signed and dated opens that door will form the basis that it should fall but the security and also for the top. i am at peace process. but if it gets postponed its markets and raised in wilkinson would dominate the school staff and desist. this is what we don't want a nation. that's why in the gym that people are hunting for the princeton to sign the unclean meats before the auction. yukon government as philosophy is to leave the stilts with the dotted line. in the country has been the scene say the insecurity the daily beast that is not too casual. h
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